Note this page is part of a project that is still under development.

One or more Slomo modules can be added by selecting Modules | Add | Slomo. This module offers advanced replay and slow motion features. It records video & audio from the selected sources to disk in an uncompressed format, resulting a very low CPU usage and no loss in quality. The data rate will be high and a dedicated NVMe SSD is required for HD resolutions. E.g. for 720p50 the data rate will be 138 MB/s (1280*720*3*50) for both read and write which even the best SATA SSD cannot handle consistently, especially when it starts overwriting (trim) existing data. In a 2-channel PGM/PVW configuration there can be two simultaneous reads which results in a maximum (non-sequential) read data rate of 276 MB/s.

Right click the module to open its popup menu. The following additional menu entries are available.

Record Buffer Location

Opens a dialog to select the folder where the recording buffer is (temporarily) created. This is often referred to as the scratch drive.

Record Buffer Size

Select the percentage of free space on the record buffer drive to be used for recording. If the record buffer is full the old frames will be deleted when new frames are added. Also displays the corresponding recording time and disk space used.

Option > Alpha Support

When checked recorded video will include the alpha channel. Note this increases disk requirements for bandwidth and capacity by 33%.