Note this page is part of a project that is still under development.

Until JLCooper starts offering a VidBlasterX edition of this controller you will need to recap some of the controller's buttons. This can be done quite easily using this (Word) template, transparent (overhead projector) sheets and a laser printer. As the horizontal row of player buttons has etched caps they cannot be used. Instead use the spare set of button caps you received with the controller (if you did not receive them JLCooper will ship them to you free of charge).

This controller requires the JLCooper I/O module to be loaded. Connect the controller to your network through its ethernet port (USB is not supported). To configure the controller, power it on while pressing down both the F1 and C4 buttons. Select Client mode under Function and enter the IP Address and Port Number as displayed in the module. Finish by pressing the controller's Enter button. It should now connect to VidBlasterX.

A warning may be given that you firmware is old. The latest firmware for this controller and an upload utility can be downloaded from the Developers section on the JLCooper web site.


Used to access secondary commands like go to in & out points. Activate this function by pressing once, the light will turn green.


Used to clear settings like in & out points. Activate this function by pressing once, the light will turn yellow.

1 2 3 4

Select "camera angle", i.e. which Slomo module is used for program or preview video.


Plays from current position at 100% speed.


Select preview mode. Clear + PVW will sync preview timecode to program timecode.

Button colour codes are yellow (available) and red (active). Camera selection buttons use green for PVW and red for PGM.